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How to Talk to Your Ancestors


Meet Carolyn and find out why she's so passionate about teaching this course.

In this lecture you will learn about the materials to be covered in this course.

Learn about the human energy field (aka the aura) and discover some of the ways we use it to sense energy every day.

Practice an exercise designed to increase your ability to sense the subtle energies.

Learn what materials that will be covered in section two.

Learn to identify the top three beliefs that limit our ability to communicate with the Spirit World.

Where might you be holding yourself back?  Identify your limiting beliefs and develop a strategy for shifting them.

Learn how to create affirmations that build confidence and increase your ability to communicate with the Spirit World. 

Allowing myself to be psychic - An easy meridian tapping exercise to increase your self-confidence.

In this lecture, Carolyn introduces you to the concept of psychic faculties and explains what you'll be learning in this section.

In this lecture, we will discuss the faculty of clairvoyance and learn some exercises to strengthen this natural psychic ability.

In this lecture we will discuss the faculty of clairaudience and learn an exercise which strengthens the ability to distinguish thoughts in our mind from the messages coming from our ancestors.

In this lecture we will discuss about the faculty of clairsentience and learn an excercise to build your ability to sense psychic information coming from your feelings.

In this lecture, Carolyn outlines the materials to be covered in Section Four.

In this lecture, Carolyn discusses ways to set up an altar for your ancestors.  Remember - there is no "right way." The most important thing is to be creative and do what feels best for you.

In this lecture, you will learn an easy and fun ritual to clear negative energy and raise the vibrations around your ancestor altar.

In this guided meditation you will receive a visit from one of your ancestors in the Spirit World.

Here is your homework for this week.

In this lecture Carolyn lists basic ground rules to be followed when talking to the Spirit World, and outlines the communication techniques you will learn in this section.

In this lecture, Carolyn introduces two writing techniques for receiving messages from the ancestors.

In this lecture, you will learn two additional techniques for communicating with your ancestors - dreamwork and candle-gazing.

Your homework assignment for the week.

Welcome to your new level of development!  In this final lecture, Carolyn offers tips for caring for your newly expanded aura.

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