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Looking for Low Sodium Dessert Recipes? These Heart Healthy Desserts will have Your Family Asking for Seconds!!


Meet JudyWe are going to create delicious, low sodium desserts

Labels can be misleading because of our interpretation of the factsWe cannot use the % of Daily Values Beware of videos or recipes that do. Just might be very HIGH SODIUMIt's easy to become conf ...

Leftovers last longer when the air is removedSaves money - Shelf life for desserts is longer when frozenHave desserts already prepared and ready for you to enjoyWe love the frozen cookies and breads s ...

Where to purchase no sodium Baking Powder - Store bought has 520 mg per teaspoonWhere to purchase no sodium Baking Soda - Store bought has 1200 mg per teaspoonGet ready to do some baking that is truly ...

Wonderful cheese crispsRecipe for egg roll ups at 50 mg sodium eachStrawberry  (or other fruit) shortcake recipe at 26 m sodium eachEnables you to have a great low sodium day

Bake some for dinner - Freeze leftovers for making GoodiesUse a sauce pan - Get some ready for cookies, cakes, or piesGet the right potatoes Some have 70 mg per cup - Some have 14 mg per cup

Easy recipeSo very goodFrozen mashed yams make these cookies quick to mix upUse nuts of your choice - but be sure to check their label for NO sodiumFreeze great - And are just fine to eat frozen - Tak ...

4 ingredients makes these cookies24 cookies has 2 mg sodiumEasy and quick to makeChildren gobble these up A great after school snackDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR BANANA COOKIES

Less than 2 mg sodium eachMy grocery store, Sprouts Family Market, Trader Joe's, Walmart, Amazon, and Healthy Heart Market all have no sodium peanut butter on their shelvesFreeze great and are go ...

Whole batch (76 cookies) has 148 mg sodiumLess than 2 mg per cookieNo sodium options for you to choose fromFreeze greatEasy recipeOne batch can make 2 or 3 different kindsScrumptIousDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE ...

Dust with powdered sugar ORSpoon chocolate glaze on top to drip down the sidesWhole cake has 240 mg sodium12 generous slices have 20 mg each10 very large slices have 24 mg eachQuite tasty and very pre ...

No sodium per servingGet sooo many compliments - No complaintsEasy to makeDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:       RECIPE FOR KETTLE CORN

Nice and moistWhole 9" x 13" pan has less than 311 mg sodium Provides many slicesDoesn't need frostingDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR SWEET POTATO CAKE

Such a pretty cake!Dust with powdered sugarEveryone who has tasted it loved itWhole cake has 138 mg sodiumDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR ORANGE BUNDT SPONGE CAKE


Freezes greatEasy to prepareWhole pie has 234 mg sodium6 slices have 39 mg sodium eachVery tastyDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR SWEET POTATO PIE

So easy to makeCan be made the day before usingMy husband and daughter's favorite pieLess than 49 mg sodium per sliceA dream come true for low  sodium folksDOWNLOAD AVAILALBLE:RECIPE FOR PECAN P ...

68 MG sodium per slicesmooth fillingSuperb flavorPrepare the day before needed for beautiful slicesDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR CHOCOLATE FUDGE PIE

Moist & DeliciousFreezes GreatAppetizer, snack, or DessertWhole 5" x 9"  loaf has 226 mg sodiumCan serve with unsalted butter if desiredDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR LEMON BREAD

great with or without adding nutsA family favoriteFreezes wonderfullyAppetizer, snack, or dessertWhole 5" x 9" pan only has 226 mg sodiumDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:'RECIPE FOR ZUCHINI BREAD

Easy to prepareWonderful flavorStore in refrigerator or freezes greatUse as appetizer, snack, or dessertLess than 13 mg sodium per 3/4 inch sliceDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR BANANA NUT BREAD

Whole 5 x 9 inch loaf has 115 mg sodiumLess than 10 mg sodium per generous sliceWonderful as appetizer, snack, or desertEasy to prepareAwesome to eatUse nuts of your choiceDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FO ...

40 mg sodium in whole 5 x 9 inch loafChoose which nuts you preferEasy and quick recipe to prepareWonderful flavorFreeze some for later - tastes like fresh baked when thawedDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FO ...

Moist Brownies140 mg sodium in the whole pan9 x 9 or 8 x 8 inch pan -- 9 servings have less than 16 mg eachFreeze greatMade with Cocoa Add nuts if you wantDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE  FOR BROWNIES

Easy & quick to mix upNo sodium per serving in any ingredientsMake them crunchy or softVariations to make them perfect for your taste budsDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR GRANOLA BARS

10 mg sodium in the whole 9" x 13" pan Have some whipped topping (like Redi Whip) for folks to spray on top of their bar Tastes like Pecan Pie Freezes great to have later I prefer them served at room ...

So easy to make Wonderful to eat Low Sodium - less than 8 mg per bar Not at all bland If you like lemon pie, you will love these bars DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:RECIPE FOR LEMON BARS



35 mg sodium each.So quick and easy to prepare.Great flavorDOWNLOAD AVAILABLE:       RECIPE FOR PEPSI FLOAT

Download is a list of NO SODIUM and LOW SODIUM items we found at our grocery store Ice Cream section. Your store may have a lot more. It is so nice to buy dessert we can just eat and enjoy.

We have a lot of information to useLow sodium desserts can now be ours to enjoy

Thank you for watching this courseI would appreciate you thoughts on its contents and presentationThere are 8 more Low Sodium Cooking courses & more coming soonPlease visit my YouTube channel   - Th ...