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Multiple styles, shapes and sizes - not just one!


This is an introduction to what geodes and agate are and how this course will allow you to create a geode artwork using epoxy-resin.

This video outlines a project that could be undertaken by the student to put into practice what they've learned.

This lecture explains how to research and sketch designs, choose substrates, colours and crystals. It also explains what the problems are for pure resin geodes. At the end of this video a student shou ...

This video goes through a number of different possible surfaces to choose to support your resin geode. It explains exactly how to prepare each and gives options to allow the student to consider differ ...

In this chapter I go through the possible crystal choices, how to get crystals of any colour you wish and how to arrange them ready for resin pouring. Making quartz crystal flowers, using different si ...

By the end of this video the student will know how to colour resin at least 6 different ways. Top tips are given throughout this video to help avoid problems from the start!

This is the fun bit! A dozen different examples of pouring resin to make geodes are shown. How to keep lines of resin separate and how to let them mix are covered and what the effects are of pouring o ...

This lecture shows many different examples of using geode lines to embellish a geode artwork. Pens of all different thicknesses and colours are considered as is using guilding paint. By the end of thi ...

This video explains the various ways of using different coloured metal leaf to embellish their geode artwork. The video explains: how to use guilding 'size', what burnishing is, and when and ...

In this video we cover removing protective tape easily and cleanly (even if the resin is set rock hard) and sanding to remove unwanted resin drips. We consider whether to frame and how to choose a fra ...

Possible developments of the skills learned during this course are shown such as multiple piece geodes, adding lights, making a tray or upcycling a table. Hopefully this will inspire creativity galore ...

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