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Harness the power of crystals and gemstones!


Introduction to making metaphysical bracelets. Why making bracelets is a great way for us to experience the beneficial qualities of crystals, gemstones and stones.

Get inspired by examples of finished bracelets along with their metaphysical meanings.

In this lesson you will learn ways to discover the metaphysical meanings of crystals and stones so that you can choose the best beads for your bracelets. We will also take a look at choosing the right ...

The crystal and stone beads used in metaphysical bracelets have their own energy or vibration, but they can also absorb the negative energy of their surroundings. In this lecture we will learn how to ...

I will show you the process of cleaning and clearing your beads and bracelets by using sage, salt water, selenite and the ground.

I will introduce how to make stretchy string bracelets and also how to program our bracelets with positive intentions as we make them.

In this lesson you will learn tips on making a stretchy string bracelet and also how to program it with your own positive intentions.

In this lesson we will dive a little more into programming our bracelets with positive intentions. I will write out intentions as I make the bracelet so feel free to take notes. If you do not wish to ...

In this lesson I will discuss ways to keep your bracelets in good condition—how to wash them, how to properly put them on and how to keep them from scratching your smart watch or other wrist device. ...

Some final words before ending the class "Making Metaphysical Bracelets."

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