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The Complete Guide to Preventing, Managing & Conquering COPD


This is an introductory video to the COPD module. This video will provide a brief overview of the entire course along with providing details on statistics, history, and misconceptions associated with ...

This video will give an in-depth overview to COPD focussing on COPD related important terms, risk factors, sign and symptoms and test used to diagnose COPD

This video offers a firmer grasp on how you can prevent, treat and manage COPD.

COPD makes everyday tasks seem like daunting chores. This video will provide an overview of how COPD impacts your life, along with what steps can be taken to make living with COPD manageable.

Exercising regularly is essential to train your lungs to do better consistently. However, with COPD, when even the smallest of tasks seem daunting, simple exercise can also seem like climbing a mounta ...

Eating well can be one of the greatest aids in your fight against COPD. This video will help you discover the right foods to help manage COPD, exploring the right diet an nutrients that are needed for ...

Stress management is one of the greatest enemies. It is also the root cause of many COPD related complications. Find out how to keep stress under check and reduce your risks.

Your mindset can either make you or break you. This video will show why having a positive mindset is essential and how to rewire your brain always to stay positive.

This section will help patients with COPD find support and stay motivated in fighting for their life, while their quality of living.

In this video, you will learn why the ability to communicate well is so important, not only for success in business and relationships but also, in managing your health.

This section will talk about the ways that will help you structure a speech to disclose your disease status to others in an effective way.

In this video, we will walk you through the reactions you can expect when you disclose your disease status.

Diseases like COPD require friends and family members to act as a caregiver to the patient. This video will help caregivers understand the patient and will help them get over grief by walking them thr ...

This video is a continuation of the previous video and will help caregivers understand how to offer support all the while urging them to take care of themselves.

This video is specially designed for employers and coworkers to understand the rights of a COPD patient

This video is specially designed for employers and coworkers to understand the rights of a COPD patient

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