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How to explore Mexico like a local - virtually or in-person - & create a personalized Travel Planner


An introduction to the country of Mexico.

Students explore fun facts about Mexico.

Discover the history of Mexico.

Students explore the geography of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Students discover the capital city of Mexico City.

Students explore the food culture of Mexico - tacos, guacamole, the 'trio of staples,' and the #1 most famous celebration: The Day of the Dead.

Students explore the tiny Mexican salamander that is (sometimes) brightly colored and able to re-grow its limbs.

Travel Tips for Mexico.

Students are introduced to Mexico's contribution to the Seven Wonders of the Modern World: Chichen Itza.

Discover the history of Chichen Itza & Cenotes (sink holes).

Students explore the central attractions of Chichen Itza, including the large pyramid, El Castillo.

Students summarize what they learned about Chichen Itza.TRAVEL JOURNAL QUESTIONS:What is Chichen Itza?How many steps are on the main pyramid of El Castillo?How did Chichen Itza get its name? Who are ...

Students summarize what they learned about Mexico.TRAVEL JOURNAL QUESTIONS:When did people first arrive in Mexico?What is the dominant religion of Mexico?What were the first societies to emerge within ...