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Business Udemy

Safety Management System for Civil Aviation (SMS) 34.99 €

Based on ICAO Annex 19, doc. 9859 requirements. Also fits the IATA and EASA requirements on SMS training.

Design Udemy

How to Realistic Colored Pencil Drawing: EYE 84.99 €

Beginner Colored Pencil Drawing Course,pencil Drawing

School Udemy

The Ultimate Chinese Character Course 59.99 €

The smarter way towards learning 1000's of Chinese characters

Internet Udemy

FACEBOOK ADS: How To Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads 19.99 €

Grow Business With Facebook Ads, Maximize online advertising with Facebook Ads!

Business Udemy

Becoming a Medical Receptionist 89.99 €

Medical secretaries and receptionist play a key role in providing office support to medical staff.

Software Udemy

Google Forms: Lead Generation & Feedback Form Survey Design 39.99 €

Learn Google Forms and survey design by creating a lead generation form and a customer feedback - free with Google Forms

Computer science Udemy

How to Create an Expense Reporting Application With Caspio FREE

This course is for anyone who wants to develop feature-rich applications using Caspio's online database platform

Computer science Udemy

React Hooks with Axios and Bootstrap - Bitcoin Price Tracker 29.99 €

Build a cryptocurrency, blockchain, or altcoin price tracker using React.js, Axios, and Bootstrap 5!

Computer science Udemy

Code and Design 2 Games in Unity® & Blender from Scratch 84.99 €

Beginner's game development and design! Make Portals and Zenda clone games. Learn to make game art from ZERO experience!

Business Udemy

Stock & Forex Trading With Chart Pattern Technical Analysis 94.99 €

Master Scanning & Trading Basic & Harmonic Chart Patterns For Stock Forex Options and Day Trading By Technical Analysis

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