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Certificate Course: Spiritual Guidance for Health Readings & Pregnancy readings using Oracle cards & Tarot cards


Discover everything you will learn in your psychic course focused on Health readings with Tarot and Oracle cards and Intuitive connection to your guides and angels

Save valuable time by getting the very most value and learning experience from your Health Readings course

Calling in the angels and spirit guides to help you connect more with the higher realms and get more success out of this course

Understand why studying health readings is so important if you wish to master your own health- or become a professional psychic/and or healer.

How to answer psychic questions about pregnancy- miscarriage, fertility issues and 'how many children will I have' with compassion, insight and accuracy using angel readings, spirit guide c ...

Navigating the world of 'how many children will I have' and 'will I have children?' and when will I have children type questions for psychic readings using Angel cards, Tarot, O ...

Giving your clients the best and most helpful psychic readings regarding children

Real life client exploring fertility question with the tarot

Additional real life fertility question using the Tarot

Rea life client question around pregnancy and fertility using Oracle Cards

Real life client sample using Oracle Cards for fertility

Do a practical activity Oracle card reading and tarot card reading to improve your Health Readings

Discover which Tarot cards indicate Health issues and solve health questions- and get the most out of your Health questions with the wisdom of the Tarot.

Using the Tarot to answer questions about colds and flu

Using the Psychic Tarot to answer Chronic Health Questions - combining oracle cards with the tarot with the Psychic Tarot

Bonus new spread: Master Health Readings using the 5 card spread.

How to answer General Health questions using Psychic Tarot

How to explore health questions related to back problems using the traditional Tarot

How to do an accurate Health reading using Oracle cards, Angel cards and other types of oracle cards

How to Use Animal Oracle Cards and get spiritual wisdom from the animals in Health Readings

How to give a General Health Reading using Oracle cards

How to answer questions related to feminine health issues using Oracle cards for better oracle card readings

How to tune into your client intuitively for information about their health and how to heal them.

Why understanding psychic wellness is crucial if you want to be a professional psychic

The BEST techniques for raising your vibration to ensue you feel strong and protected as a professional psychic and healer.

How to protect your intuition and the number one modern factor blocking your intuition right now

The most powerful techniques to use to connect to your intuition and protect and nurture yourself as a healer and a psychic

How meditation enhances your intuition - and easy meditation hacks!! (for those who struggle to meditate) 

Taming the monkey mind for more peace of mind and better psychic connection - Sal's best tips for getting control and getting more mindful in your spiritual and psychic development for better ora ...

Discover Sal's favourite easy and quick meditation for when you are feeling vulnerable and burnt out from healing others.

How to use powerful grounding techniques to keep your psychic channels open and feel safe and protected while doing professional psychic work.

How to give yourself psychic protection when engaging or giving readings on facebook and other social media.

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