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Experience inner peace instantly. Take back control over your emotions. Tap into unshakable happiness and confidence.


This was the introduction to the original course. New sections have been added, making this the introduction to this section.

*BONUS*Here is a template for a gratitude journal I like to write. It is a bit more comprehensive than just a gratitude list and it only takes a couple of minutes each day to write down some sentences ...

Anything you desire is always and already here, so relax, breathe and just be. Learn different approaches to reap the science-backed benefits of meditation.

Learn techniques to eliminate the impact negative thoughts and emotions.

The PDF with the rest of the visualizations is included in the last section where you can download it. Train your imagination, see how "mind over matter" is a fact and learn to create any mental stat ...

There are two types of stress. One of them is bad for you, and the other will boost your longevity and well-being. Learn the difference and how to transform unhealthy stress to healthy stress.

This was the end of the original course. New sections have been added, making this the end of this section, not the end of the course. Check out the downloadable materials in this lecture.

Here are all the exercises so you can easily revisit them without watching the videos.

Take action. Inspiration without action is worthless. Act on what you learn in this course.

Shift into an abundance mindset, change your reality and attract better things. This mindset is an important principle for manifesting through the law of attraction.

Try these tips and mindsets to let go of illusions of scarcity and shift into abundance.

Accept what is. It is already accepted by existence itself, proven by its existence. Open up to life and love.

Set goals to think about what you want in life, visualize it and obtain it. Get the ball rolling by stating clearly what it is you want.

Take breaks to make your lifestyle sustainable.

Boost your mental and physical health by having hobbies.

Relationships are essential to live a life filled with happiness and inner peace.

Learn to be happy for others and you will open up to abundance and love.

Enjoy the ups and downs of life. Gain perspective. Laugh at life and laugh at yourself.

A lot of people want change in their lives, or even to change the world. We place the responsibility of how things are on governments, destiny, luck, other people, society, our looks and our genes. Ev ...

We all know the experience of being told about Enlightenment and Awareness, and then trying to find it. Awareness is not something you can find or lose. You have always been and will always be aware a ...

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