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Fulfil your potential, Heal old beliefs, feel abundant, harmonize your relationships & achieve radical health & Wellness


In the first week you will learn the first rule of the mind which is that the mind does what it thinks you want it to do. Once you learn this, you can influence your mind in a powerful way to change y ...

When you work with this hypnosis recording every day, you will rewire your mind so that you anchor into this truth that the mind does what it thinks you want it to do. This is a powerful hypnosis. Enj ...

This week you will work with the second rule of the mind which is that the mind responds to words and pictures. When you actively put new words and pictures in your mind you can overcome anxiety, cata ...

In week 2 you will work with a new hypnosis that will help you to anchor this truth in your life: The mind responds to words and pictures. This is a powerful hypnosis. Enjoy!

In week 3 you will learn how to align with your dreams. You will learn how to come into a state of gratitude and to focus on the life you want to create. 

In this hypnosis you will align with your dreams. This is an exciting hypnosis because you will get excited about the possibilities for your life. It will help you to shift your mind towards the great ...

Every emotional challenge has one fundamental belief behind it which is the belief that you are not enough. In this lesson we explore this and you will learn how to turn this around.

This week you will work with a powerful hypnosis that will rewire the belief that you are not enough. You will wire the belief that you are enough. How exciting is that? Enjoy!

Many of us have dysfunctional beliefs around money such as money is not available to me. We dive into this topic and you will dive into the beliefs that you may be holding around money to free you to ...

In the hypnosis for this week, you will actively work with rewiring your subconscious mind to hold beliefs that abundance is available to you. 

What the mind says yes too, the body says yes too. We can change our health by working with the mind to achieve radical health and wellness. Scientists know this. This is why placebos work because the ...

In this weeks hypnosis you will put new suggestions in your subconscious that support health and wellness and help you to deal with heart ache. This is a powerful. Enjoy!

Many of us have challenges around relationships. We get triggered, we collapse into old beliefs, we don't know how to communicate. In week 7 you will learn some techniques to harmonise your rela ...

This weeks hypnosis is all about rewiring your mind to believe that love is available to you. Once you love yourself you can invite love into your life (or positively influence your current relationsh ...

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