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Ceramic, Vinyl Plank, Peel n stick, Laminate and more


Hi Home Menders!  In Mastering floors, We start at the bottom. This section will teach you all about the different floor coverings available such as laminate, vinyl , tile and wood and the methods re ...

In this section, we find out what’s going on underneath the finished floor. A rotten section of floor needs to be cut out. This is accomplished by squaring off the section and cutting it at the jois ...

Vinyl plank flooring is all the rage and it’s super easy to install. It’s a classy, stylish floor preferred by homeowners for the longevity and durability. The vinyl plank floor with adhesive tabs ...

The peel and stick vinyl tile is another popular floor due to how easy it is to install. Floor prep is important with this one. It is suggested that a quarter inch underlayment called Louan is install ...

Sheet vinyl is a great inexpensive floor that is also fairly durable. Sheet vinyl is typically installed on underlayment also or it can go directly to a concrete slab. Most sheet vinyl is glue down, y ...

Ceramic tile is also a glue down floor. Using your quarter inch floor trowel, glue  or thin-set is spread on the subsurface. It is suggested that it either go directly to the concrete slab or have ha ...

Laminate flooring is manufactured With a tongue and groove system. One board clicks into the next. This is also a floating floor like the vinyl plank floor which means it does not secure to the subflo ...

Any new floor is trimmed out with baseboard. You can either remove the baseboard and run the new floor all the way to the wall and install baseboards after or you can run the new floor up to the baseb ...

Thresholds and transitions are the terms used for doorway trim and for adjoining one style of flooring to another. They are usually made of wood or metal but they also come in marble or composite mate ...

When dealing with ceramic tile, there is possibility that Tile will crack or break. You can use a grout saw to remove the grout surrounding the tile, break the tile out of there, remove all the glue a ...

Coping baseboard is the term used for notching out one baseboard to sit tight to the next one in a corner. Baseboard one is cut at an angle and then baseboard number two is back cut and laid over the ...

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