en PROFESSIONAL COURSES mastering still life painting in oils or acrylics 5/5 (1)

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Popular teacher Richard Robinson takes you from the basics onwards


Welcome to the course! Learn what's so great about still life painting.

Learn how to setup a simple still life and light it to best effect.

Learn the fundamental skill of dividing the visual world into light and shade families. Learn the 8 elements of these families.

Simplify your subject into value planes - making it much easier to paint. Learn how to draw this easily. Learn to establish light and shadow families. Learn to set the limits of your values. Lea ...

It's time to take the next step into... Colour! Learn how to match any colour. Learn the artists 'defocusing' technique to simplify your painting. Learn about setting the colour ra ...

Now it's time to hone your skills with 4 small paintings taking only 10 minutes each. Learn more about lively brushwork. Explore colour combinations. Let that brush FLY!

Learn how to arrange and light a more complex still life. You'll learn to consider variety and abstract shapes in your design. Important!

Painting in Acrylics Try painting on a toned canvas. Learn how to make acrylics dry slower to make painting easier. Learn techniques to draw more accurately. Start by blocking in the big shapes. ...

Learn how to paint realistic grapes.

Learn how to creating convincing three dimensional form. Paint those finishing touches.

Learn professional tips for conceiving and designing dynamic still life compositions.

See my colour palette and brushes. Mix a neutral grey. Use a printed greyscale to judge values against.

We'll paint in oils and you'll learn about: Painting on a toned canvas Setting the colour limits Blocking in the big shapes Tips for faster painting Capturing vibrant colour. Paintin ...

In Part 2 learn about: Adding crisp details and finishing touches. The importance of greyed colours in producing the effect of vibrant colour by contrast.

Learn about: The still life setup. The lighting configuration. My colour palette. My minimal brushes.

We'll be painting with oils and you'll learn about: Starting painting with masses instead of lines - this is a fun and fluid way to paint! Using the fuzzy-one-eye to simplify your vision ...

Setting the colour limits. Start with the most vibrant colour. Blocking in big shapes in an abstract fashion. Lost and found edges for variety and depth. Painting glass (mainly what's behin ...

Practice the 'make and break' technique for highlights. Finishing touches.

Final thoughts and and encouraging word. Well done for coming so far!