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Learn how to grow microgreens for you and your family.


In this video we will introduce ourselves, and we will go through the module of Microgreens for begginers.

The basics of microgreens. What are those and when they are ready to harvest. And we will look more in depth how we can cut microgreens.

A lot of health benefits have been nowdays researched and published for microgreens. And we will dive more into this and we are also including e-book with recipes with microgreens. Yummy!

You want to start growing, right? But you don't know where can you grow it and what set up you need. More details we will talk in the lecture.

You really wanna start growing as soon as possible. We will look into basic supplies, that you wil need to start growing micorgreens at your home.

Seeds. Essential part of growing microgreens. Without them you will not have microgrens. And that is why we devoted all Lecture to seeds where we will look al the basic things that you need to know.

You have done some research one microgreens and you are being now confused, where should you grow your microgreens, on soil, some coco coir or some other growing medium. We will look into this in this ...

Microgreens and children. Something so paring. They will love to grow it and then also eat it. So more nutrients for them.

Step-by-step how to grow microgreens that are very delicios, and perfect for children. And you will also gain the information on the density for several varieties.

Learn how we grow pea microgreens.

Look into how to grow sunflower microgreens

Here we look into varieties that are spicy. And you will get density chart for several of them.

Last chapter, were we look into how to grow herb microgreens.

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