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This is one of the healthier way to fry chicken without resorting to deep fried chicken in oil. If you are anardent fan of fried chicken, well you are in for a treat. Mums and dads, even boy and girls ...

Ingredients used to complete this dish are chicken drumstick skin on, coating flour, and for the home made sweet sour sauce, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, soya sauce, sugar, lemon juice,saltand cornflou ...

Marinate the chicken drumsticks with 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1/2 tsp sugar and1/4 tsp grounded black pepper. Once done, just set it aside for later use.  Chicken skin should beleft on as t ...

Use a plastic bag and put in seasoned flour, dry herbs, sweet paprika, golden breadcrumbs, groundedblackpepper, salt and light curry powder. Remember the options is yours. Give it a good shake to inco ...

Use a plate, it can be your dinner plate or ceramic, stoneware or oven glass, whatever you have in yourkitchen right now. Place 3 sheets of kitchen paper towels onto it. Use another 2 pcs to cover the ...

Place marinated chicken drumstick into the bag of coating flour and toss the chicken around to coat itevenly. Do it pc by pc to ensure that each pc is well coated. Do not put the whole lot in as the f ...

Place chicken drumsticks onto plate as prepared in lecture 7. Chicken drumsticks should be placed withthe thicker portion facing outside for even cooking. Cover with another 2 pcs paper towel. Place p ...

Combine all sauce ingredients in a med size bowl. One tip here. Combine all the dry ingredients first and thenonly add in the wet ingredients. This is to prevent lumps from forming. The sweetness, sal ...

Place the bowl of combined sauce onto the turntable and just bring to the boil for 1 min 100PRemove and give a good stir to distribute the ingredients

There you are ladies & gentlemen, boys and girls, your fried chicken in less than 6 mins to cook and your saucein 1 min.  Serve it with cucumbers and tomatoes

The one bowl wonder makes cooking a breeze. At times you may just want to have a simple meal for yourself.For convenience and simplicity this is the answer

You can use your favourite bowl but make sure it is about 0.8 to 1 litre in volume.  Stoneware, ceramic or oven glass can be used. But no metal bowls or bowls with silver or gold lining,  Chicken th ...

Use boneless chicken thigh or breast, skinned as it is faster to cook than a boned in. Marinate with salt, sesame oil,and sugar. Set it aside for later use

Place chopped garlic and oil into bowl and cook till fragrant and golden. One tip here. Garlic browns faster than shallots,Do not mix this two together to fry as it will be unevenly cooked, So fry it ...

Place butter and garlic slice to cook first. Add in the rice, stock and salt and cook rice uncovered. This is to preventoverflowing of the water onto the turntable. Once cooked, place marinated chicke ...

Once the rice is removed from the oven, always give it a standing time of 5 to 8 mins for the carry over cooking.Let the food continue to cook in its own heat to ensure it is well cooked

Slice chicken into pcs. Top with garlic crisp, scallions and soya sauce. Serve with accompaniment of cucumbers. Enjoy

For a fast cake, it is best to use a premix as it saves you a lot of time in putting the ingredients together. The all in one method is the best way to make microwave cakes. As dense mixtures keeps mo ...

A butter cake premix, orange zest, brown sugar, orange zest and slices and unwaxed paper cups. Follow the instructions on the box to prepare your cake batter.

Follow instructions and add  additional ingredients as specified on the box and prepare the cake batter. Add in the orange zest and cream till a batter forms. The option here is you can change the fl ...

Oil unwaxed paper cups, spoon in a tsp of brown sugar and place in a slice of orange. Fill paper cups with cakebatter 3/4s full. Give it a few knocks or use a skewer to give it a stir to release air b ...

Place cup cakes onto the external portion of the turntable so that it will be evenly cooked.  Once it is cooked checkthe top to make sure there is no uncooked batter. Remove and give it a standing ti ...

Overturn the cup onto a plate and serve warm. Enjoy!

Most crackers can be stored and cooked at a later time. Normally one has to deep fry in hot oilto cook it before consuming. There are crackers made of fish, prawns, beans & nuts and even vegan ones.  ...

Place a pc of paper towel onto the turntable. Place 4 to 5 pcs of the crackers in a circular manneron the turntable for even cooking. Always use 100P or full power on your microwave oven to cookcracke ...

Once the crackers are removed from the microwave oven, let it cool to crisp. Once completely cooled,store it in air tight containers for later consumption. Another tip for you is if the crackers has t ...

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