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Live in control of stress, anxiety, mood swings, anger and emotional outbursts. Deepen relationships, be free of grudges


A brief description of the best way to use the course material.Its best to go through all lectures and worksheets up to step six in a continuous way to keep up the momentum as you move into the Daily ...

Here we introduce the course founder to help you to understand where the PRT Method came from and what Our Mission is going forward. We also introduce the 6 Step Process that you will be taken through ...

Taking back control of your emotions is a surprisingly short journey. This video gives you the starting point. The only real starting point for any journey in order for it to be successful, is exactly ...

Here it is explained that every journey has a starting point and a destination. Step 2 is about establishing who, what and where you want to be when this course is complete, and going forward in your ...

The follow on from lecture 3. This will enable you to complete the picture of who, what and where you want to be in your life. Sometimes not knowing this is what has been blocking us from being free f ...

This step is the turning point in the process. Up until now, we have been gathering information which can feel cumbersome and sometimes pointless in our quest for emotional mastery.well done on stayin ...

At this stage you know who "Hank" is. Everyone has an internal saboteur who has been there for a very long time, whispering negativity, hidden from view by the simple fact that we did not know they we ...

Step 5 talks about finding the Stillness. You may have touched upon this throughout your life. tried meditation or have a rebellious or spiritual belief system. If you have, then it's time to put ...

An inspirational take on the beauty of living Just for Today

We practice, measure, adjust, practice.Step 6 is the introduction of simple daily rituals, this will only take a few minutes in the morning and evening for 14 days to have an immediate and powerful ef ...

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