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Learn Modern Art styles and movements, including most renowned paintings and artists from Impressionism to Pop Art



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YOLOv3 - Robust Deep Learning Object Detection in 1 hour 84.99 €

The Complete Guide to Creating your own Custom AI Object Detection. Learn the Full Workflow - From Training to Inference

University Coursera

Basic Statistics in Python (Correlations and T-tests) Paid Course

By the end of this project, you will learn how to use Python for basic statistics (including t-tests and correlations). We will learn all the important steps of analysis, including loading, sorting an

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YOUTUBE SEO 2020 & Audience Growth: Get 1 Million Views! 19.99 €

Learn the BEST strategies & tricks to optimize your Youtube videos from beginning to end. Rank higher on search results!

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[NEW] Practice Tests: AZ-204 Azure Developing Solutions 2022 34.99 €

Professional Practice Exam | 222 Questions | January 2022 Updated Version | Maestro AZ-204 in First Attempt

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Self Defense Training Military Grade Jiu Jitsu - Best Course FREE

Every Self Defense Technique You NEED to Know in One Course!

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Video Game Music Composition / Production 84.99 €

Game Music Creation, Game Music Production, Game Music Composition, Game Music, Create Game Music with FL Studio

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NumPy for Data Science FREE

Kickstart your Data Science journey with this course.

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VR Interview Prep FREE

This course is an excellent way to prepare for technical interviews. You’ll experience a mock interview, and review detailed analysis on how to field key industry questions. You'll review commo...

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Let's Read and Write Arabic!! 29.99 €

If you don't know anything about Arabic and If you didn't see any Arabic topic before,We will do that step by step.

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