en PROFESSIONAL COURSES molding and casting for sculptors level 1 5/5 (1)

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The Basics of Molding and Casting


Get a quick introduction to me and the class as well as an overview of the materials we will be using.  Please download the MaterialsList.pdf from the resources for a comprehensive list of everything ...

Learn how to set up your studio for pressure casting.  For more tips, download the Pressure Casting Tips.pdf from the resources.

Learn how to safely handle materials with the proper equipment.

Learn about undercuts and how they pertain to molding and casting.  Download the Clays and Model Size.pdf for more information on compatible clays/materials as well as modeling considerations.

Learn how to build a simple mold box for a flat-backed pendant.

Learn how to mix and pour silicone rubber, as demonstrated with a simple mold.

Learn how to mix and pour urethane resin.

Learn how to use wires to create air vents and how to plan out a seam line for a cast figure.

Learn how to properly cut open a one piece mold and get it ready for casting.

Learn how to tint resin with dyes and clean up cast seams.