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Non-fiction: Writing short non-fiction Amazon Kindle eBooks: Writing/self-publishing short non-fiction books


In this lecture, I provide a course overview and demonstrate why it's so important to take this course if you intend to write Amazon Kindle short non-fiction.

In this lecture, I show you how to watch any Udemy course fast and how to leave "Notes", or bookmarks, on the video timeline so that you can return to important sections.

In this lecture, I show you how I like to layout my Word screen during writing.

In this lecture, I demonstrate how to gather potential book ideas and evaluate them as a potential writing niche on Amazon both manually and using the Chrome/Firefox plug-in, KDSPY.

In this lecture, I explain why you should always write in a series and how to name your Amazon Kindle eBook to be found.

In this lecture, I discuss book-length, writing speed, release schedule and how much to charge for your books.

In this lecture, I explain how to format your document layout for paperback and eBook publication, how to set up your styles for outlining and writing and how to number your chapter titles automatical ...

In this lecture, I explain how to add a title page, table of contents and a call for readers to sign up for your mailing list.

In this lecture, I show you how to import images into your document and how to format them for eBook and paperback publication.

In this lecture, I explain how to start outlining your book by brainstorming chapter topics.  The remainder of the steps in this section occur all at once.

In this lecture, I explain how to use Google searches to research your topic in an iterative process in which you'll be updating your list of chapters and writing too.

In this lecture, I demonstrate how and why to create and maintain a bibliography listing your source material.

In this lecture, I demonstrate how to read your sources and then paraphrase and summarize the information into a condensed interpretation of the information written using your own words.  I include h ...

In this lecture, I propose that what you are writing for each chapter is a short essay.  I then discuss the standard structure of a short essay and demonstrate its use in my sample book.

In this lecture, I describe how to self-edit your manuscript by copyediting backward out loud, using Grammarly and sharing your manuscript with a friend or spouse.

In this lecture, I attempt to demonstrate performing all the tasks in the last section at the same time by switching quickly back-and-forth.

In this lecture, I describe the remainder of the self-publishing process and relate it to my courses -- present and future.

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