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I got my pilots licence over 20 years ago. back in the day flight sims were 2d on a screen but today with the VR headset it really does make all the difference. Now anyone can learn to fly helicopters ...

The 3 controllers are 1.The collective pitch lever.The collective pitch lever makes the helicopter rise as you raise it and sink as lower it. 2 The cyclic pitch Joystick.This control makes the helicop ...

Lots of helicopters have skids so when moving the helicopter short distances it is better to fly it there such as when going to fill up with fuel. This is not classes as a flight it is called hover ta ...

Once you have done about 6 hours hovering and feel you have got it, Take the helicopter on tour.

If you have not flown for a while it is amazing how rusty you get. Here I take off from Swansea in south wales and take the chopper for a last back to Swansea before heading off up the coast.