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Learn successful online poker strategies from a player with over 8 years of experience.


Introduction of a poker player and a coach

I have picked the best poker platforms for you to choose from!

Understand the mental game its not only about click and play

3 important poker software to use to improve your game.

Avoid these common mistakes and you will get deeper in tournaments

Understand table positioning. Once you will understand it you will be able to pick opening and calling ranges better.

Learn why we bet, check, raise and fold.

Master Preflop play and you make money very soon. You will be a very strong player if you are good preflop.

3Betting is a very tough discipline. Its very important to know how to choose the sizing of the reraise which will be shown.

If you are good at Postflop play then you start to read ranges of opponents very well.

Every better tournament player knows how to play any stack sizes. Im show you what to do with the smallest and biggest stack.

Understanding what you should do and when is very powerful. Im describing every stage of the tournament.

Final table play is totally different do other tournament stage plays. Here every chip is even more important.