en PROFESSIONAL COURSES three colours will give you enough to paint this watercolour 5/5 (1)

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Using the three colours used in the printing industry to paint this. A very limited palette, & a bit of black, amazing


Here are the original photo and the drawing for you to download and use as an aid.Also two photos to show you how the three colour printing inks look

Here we look at the starting point and look at some of the colour combinations.

As the pencil marks are very light I thought I would put in some hedgerows at this stage, so you can better see what I am doing.

Starting with the mountains, let's put more paint on.

I always say start with your colours light and add layers and deeper tones as you go along, calibrating as you go. It's in this lecture that we do just that.RESOURCEPicture to help you with under ...

Some special resources and offers for you. Happy painting, Nicola

If you have a mount or matt beyond salvation, cut it in two and use it to look at you work in progress. It helps you take a more objective view. It will help you not only decide how you might want to ...

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