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Make your own holiday cards


Hi friends! I'm Shanna Cramer from Creatively Uncorked and in this lesson, we are going to paint a poinsettia. Poinsettias are predominantly a flat red, which makes them an interesting challenge ...

In this video, we will take a look at the subject and decide, as artists, what our center of interest should be. We are asking ourselves, "what is it about this scene that attracted me to it?" then f ...

You will find a few downloads in this section including photo references and a traceable sketch. You will learn two different ways to transfer an existing sketch onto your watercolor paper. We will co ...

Needed supplies are watercolor paper, watercolor paints in a variety of colors, water, paintbrushes, towel, or paper towel. Use what you have. Supplies used in this course:Arches #140 cold press water ...

My palette for this painting consists of both transparent watercolor and granulating watercolor. This is heavy in reds and greens (turquoise). We cover the color palette in this video. If you have a p ...

In this video, we talk about the different colors and properties. Learn how to mix the right consistency of paint: Tea, Coffee, Milk, Cream, Butter. Brushes used: Squirrel mop brushEscoda PerlaDagger

This video shows the final painting as a card. Sign, write something fancy, and mail it off! 

Here are a few ideas to embellish your final painting. In this video, a few splashes of gouache are added for some interesting and fun effects. This video was recorded live during an online demo.

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