en PROFESSIONAL COURSES paint a realistic cat in watercolor art class 5/5 (1)

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Step-by-step tutorial on painting a cute pet


Hey my name is Yana, I'm a professional watercolor artist and a full-time traveler. I've been teaching watercolors online and offline for the past 5 years and in this video you'll learn ...

In this lesson you will see what art materials I use and why. This will help you prepare to this course!

Learn what color scheme is, how to create it for your specific painting and apply gained knowledge in practice.

Follow my instructions and create a sketch of our cat. Make sure you don't push your pencil too hard. The pencil should be soft (HB, B of any number).Use a photo reference attached to this lesson ...

Time to play with watercolors! Here we will apply first watercolor layers on paper. Make sure your layers are light, transparent. You can always make your color darker but you won't be able to d ...