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Explore painting quickly with bold brush strokes with this very wet & loose painting. It's easy, relax and have fun.


Make sure you read the helpful information you can find in the Student Support section on Udemy. Below is the link to take you there. I have also added a simple guide to get you started. https://supp ...

Here are a few encouraging words from Nicola about the objectives of this painting process. It's not about the finished painting, it's about experimenting and trying something different.... ...

Welcome to this bright, colourful, loose and fun painting process. I am going to show you three different ways of painting this subject by painting: Painting onto a dry but pre-painted piece of pap ...

In this first painting we will be painting on a pre-painted sheet of paper. By this I mean I have painted very light washes in the appropriate colours to give a ground on which to find shapes. So you ...

Here we will do a similar painting, but this time we will paint onto blank dry paper. Trust yourself to be able to do it. No drawing first. RESOURCES A photograph of the finished painting.

Here we will do a similar painting, but this time we will paint onto blank dry paper. Trust yourself to be able to do it. No drawing first. RESOURCES A photograph of the finished painting.

This time I am going to wet the paper with clean water just before we start painting, a bit at a time.We are now going to do a field of sunflowers. Remember this is playing with you paints and water. ...

Here I will show you how to progress further in this wet and loose style. I hope you will continue to enjoy playing with the paints and continue to explore new methods.Please share your painting with ...

Some extra resources and information you may find helpful.

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