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This is the second part of my Watercolor Landscapes Course.


Watch this video to find out what you will learn in this course.

Puddles may seem insignificant but they can add drama and highlights to a landscape. Here I'll show you how to paint simple puddles that will bring another dimension to your painting. 

Follow this series of videos to find out how to paint water in four different ways. They are all easy to do, and will help you master painting water.

The first method of painting reflections in water: wet on dry.

The second way of painting reflections on water: wet on wet.

The next way to paint reflections on water: how to create ripples.

Finally, a way of painting reflections on water by dragging the paint.

A gallery of pictures showing various ways of painting lakes and reflections in water

Let’s have a go at painting water rushing down a waterfall.

Painting the sea is all about painting movement. Here in this exercise we will paint the rolling of the waves.  

Waves crashing against rocks make a great subject for a painting. Let’s see how we can create this effect.  

Here is one way of painting a simple building that will fit into any landscape. Try this exercise for yourself and gain confidence in painting buildings.

Here are four more types of buildings for you to practice.

Here's a gallery of paintings showing buildings in a variety of situations. For inspiration!

Doors and windows are key elements of any building, and if we learn to paint them well we can change our paintings from being merely average to being truly excellent! Here are some key points to help ...

Old doors and old walls make wonderful painting subjects. So let’s have a go at painting them both together, and learn some textural techniques along the way!

In this exercise we will put a number of buildings together and create a street scene.    Let's see how to do that...

Adding people into a landscape brings life and a story to your painting. And it’s much easier than you think!

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