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Watercolor painting, easy & fun! I show you step-by-step how to paint this lovely Mountain Landscape. Beginners welcome!


Here I show you the painting we'll be creating together, and in just a few words welcome you to the fun and easy world of watercolor painting. Download the finished painting for your r ...

Here we briefly go over the simple materials we'll be using. And then we start with some masking tape to create the beginnings of our Mountain Landscape. We then paint in our sky and the lake ...

It sounds like a lot, but I show you very simple painting techniques to add all this life into your painting with just a few brush strokes.

In this final step, we color in our cabin and add a few birds in the sky. And we're done!

Here we wrap up our painting session. In as little as 30 minutes, you can be here, holding up your finished Mountain Landscape painting watercolor painting. It really is easy and fun.

Here I paint an entire new Mountain Landscape, but this time with a soft pink sunset sky. I also make a new mountain range shape, move the lake to the other side of the painting, and make a new cabi ...

While this watercolor painting was intended to be fun and leisurely, I do want to impress the idea that there are some real painting concepts to be learned here (for those interested in any kind ...

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