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Step-by-step instructional videos with a downloadable Color Painting Reference and full-size Traceable Drawing Guide.


This is an introduction to my course that includes the downloadable/printable Beginning Notes and Supply List. Step 2 contains the very helpful downloadable/printable: G ...

Gary masks out the painting's lightest values, then applies a sky wash of colors on wet paper. This lecture includes the following downloadable/printable PDF files: COLOR Painting P ...

Gary paints in the layers of mountains in stages -- drying the paper in between each stage.

Gary paints in the midground-foreground hills and applies the first phase of the wildflowers.

Once the paper is thoroughly dries, Gary masks more wildflower shapes. Then he paints in the lake colors.

Gary reapplies more colors to the wildflowers. Then, once dry, he masks in more wildflower shapes. Next, he scrubs some light values into the lake colors.

Gary paints in the midground hills.

With the masking removed, Gary shapes the wildflowers. Then he paints in the foreground trees with his "pull and smash" technique.

Gary applies some shades to the mountains, then details the chalet and lake shoreline.

As the painting approaches its completion, Gary adds finishing details throughout.

Gary demonstrates the finalizing Waterton Lakes.

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