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Let home improvement mentor Steve Maxwell show you how to complete repairs on simple drywall issues before painting.


In this introductory lecture, veteran home improvement instructor Steve Maxwell outlines the drywall patching and drywall repair skills he'll be teaching, when they can be used, and the types ...

Steve shows the four essential drywall repair tools you'll need and how to select them: utility knife drywall knife sanding sponges repair compound

Old nail holes are the most common kind of drywall damage, and fixing them is the easiest type of repair. Watch and see how success depends on dimpling the surface before filling.

Screw pops (also called nail pops) are a common problem in new homes as wet framing lumber dries and shrinks. Fixing them involves removing all the old compound, replacing with fresh, then sanding. ...

Repairing larger holes involves the use of setting compound applied as a foundation layer. Another essential trick is trimming away frazzled paper from the edge of the damage zone.

Big holes need some kind of backing before the application of setting type compound. Installing it in strips is the best way to make this happen.

If you've got some left over paint, there's no need to repaint an entire wall after patching. Here's how to use a mini roller to cover patched zones.

Regular masking tape doesn't usually create crisp painted lines. Painter's tape works much better, but only if it's applied right.

Masking tape is the best way to create perfectly neat caulking joints. It works indoors and outside, and speeds results, too.

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