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Learn the basics of pencil techniques, that will allow you to draw and shade beautifully


Hi there!I want to welcome you to my course.This is the beginning of our adventure together, and I want to assure you it's going to be a great one.We will start from scratch, and slowly build our ...

In this lesson we'll learn about the (very few!) tools you'll need to get started.This is why I love pencil drawing so much, you need very few tools to get started, and there's no setup ...

In this lesson you'll learn the basic ways of holding the pencil. You'll soon understand how useful it is to understand these.With practice, you'll be able to intuitively move between t ...

In this lesson you'll learn how to produce different lines, using the grips we learned earlier. I believe this is one of the most useful skills to have, as it allows you to draw anything Drawin ...

In this lesson we'll look at three awesome warm up exercises.These exercises are great to do before a sketching session, but can also be used as a stand-alone sketching session.Here they are:Rays ...

In this lesson we'll look at one phenomenal exercise for improving your visual perception and ability to draw what you see.You'll be surprised at how useful this exercise is, and how quick y ...

In this lesson you'll learn how to draw simple three-dimensional shapes. This is a little more advanced, but I want you to start practicing this, so that you can start developing a better percep ...

In this lesson we'll start working on a complete drawing. Attached to this lesson is the reference image used for this drawing. Feel free to save it and draw along!

In this lesson we will continue working on our drawing by adding some details and shading the stalk of bananas.

In this lesson we'll learn how light and shadow work, and how we can utilize them in our drawings.This is a major first step towards being able to give our drawings more of a three-dimensional lo ...

In this lesson we'll look at some practical ways to shade and practice shading.

In this first part of the demo, we'll draw the watering can.As in the previous demo, attached is the reference image. Save the file and draw along with me.

In this second part of the demo, we'll begin shading the watering can. The main takeaway from this one is that you want to plan where light is coming from, and then keep the shading congruent al ...

In this third part of the demo, we'll learn how to add the cast shadow of the watering can. The cast shadow is an important ingredient in anchoring an object to the surface on which it rests. In ...

In this fourth and final part of the demo, we'll shade the background and environment of the watering can. You'll see how this step will give the can its pop, better conveying the depth of ...

In this lesson, I want to give you some additional tips and guidance, that will help you in the future, and improve your learning curve.

In this video we will conclude our journey together. I want to thank you for much for the opportunity to become your teacher. I also want to wish you good luck in your future with drawing! (: - Lir ...

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