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Take Your Painting to the Next Level by Heading to the Studio


This introductory video will tell you more about the course and what you can expect from it. As part of this course, you are able to download a FULL VERSION of my paperback book, Outdoor Study to St ...

Read this lecture to learn out more about who this course is for.

Reading assignment:  How We Got Here and More

The first step in this course is learning what makes good reference material, and how to gather this in the field.  This video will give you a good overview of gathering plein air references in prepa ...

Reading Assignment:  About Reference Material

Part 1 of the Video Overview of the Process.  This part shows you what equipment to take into the field to gather references for your studio work lately; what kinds of references to gather; and to wh ...

Part 2 of the Video Overview of the Process.  This part takes you back to the studio where I show you how to assemble your field references and go about making a painting from them.

This lecture outlines the variety of video demonstrations that follow.  Feel free to watch them at any time in this course!

This video demonstration shows you how to do a plein air color study, and with photos, to create a larger, oil version based on these references in the studio.

This video demonstration is a set of three short demonstrations that show you:  1) how to start with a pastel color study and create an oil painting based on it; 2) how to start with an oil study and ...

This video demonstration will show you how to take a variety of references gathered in the field from different locations over different times and to combine them into a large finished studio painting ...

This video demonstration shows you how to take an oil painting started in the field and finish it in the studio with the aid of photo references.

This video demonstration shows you how to take an oil painting started in the field, remove it to the studio for analysis, and then take it back to the field to finish.

Now that you've taken the course, it's time to get out into the field, make some color studies and drawings, and then go back to the studio!

A thank you from Michael - and information about workshops.

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