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You'll learn how to sculpt 2D polymer clay designs on pendants. And you'll learn how to make molds for your designs too.


By the end of this course, you’ll be able to make three projecting pendants and their molds using polymer clay; a pendant with an elephant, a butterfly and a swan. And by making the molds, you’ll ...

Learn about the materials and the tools that you'll need to make polymer clay necklaces.

Learn about polymer clay and its properties. How to store polymer clay and how to add paints to it.

How to condition and soften polymer clay? Learn about dealing with hard clay in this video.

Learn how to bake polymer clay and what precautions should you consider for your safety.

This is a tutorial for how to connect a pendant hanger to polymer clay. And how to use eye pin with the clay the right way, so that the pin don't get out of the clay.

Learn how to make a polymer clay swan projecting shape on a pendant. This is your first swan that you'll use for making a mold out of it.

Learn how to make a mold for your polymer clay pieces so that you can replicate them easily.

Make a replicate for the swan shape using polymer clay.

Learn how to make a polymer clay butterfly necklace. Then use this shape to make your mold.

Lean how to make a polymer clay elephant necklaces. Step-by-step tutorial for making a projecting elephant and its mold.

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