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How to make your comic or manga look awesome in print!


This video teaches you about the traditional process of drawing a comic or manga from thumbnails to colors. This is important to understand, because it feeds into the printing process.

In this video we discuss what size to draw your comic or manga at to get the best looking print job.

Your printer will expect your files to look a certain way. In this video I explain what you need to do, and how this impacts your final product.

It's important to understand the limitations around page count. They are easy to work around, but you definitely need to understand what they are before sending your files to the printer! All ...

A lot of people are confused by resolution. Fear not, this video explains it all!

In this video, we take a look at two different types of graphics programs, and how they will affect your artwork's resolution.

Color on a computer screen works differently from color on a printed document. In this video, I explain the difference. I also explain what you need to do so that your comic/manga's color is r ...

Should you spend all that money printing your comic or manga? How do you test the market before printing? Should you use a traditional printer or POD? We discuss all of these questions in this vide ...

Do you want your comic/manga to be a book or a magazine? What are the differences? How do printers bind books and magazines? This video covers all of these topics.

In this video I explain what an ISBN is, and explain why you might need one.

This video explains how to prepare your computer files for print. What file type should you use? How do you minimize file size in megabytes without reducing the quality of your artwork? This video a ...

Your printer will ask you to choose paper types for your comic or manga. This video gives you a brief run down on some ways in which paper can vary.

In this video we cover the final part of the process prior to your print run going to print.

Thanks for taking this course. Best of luck with your first printed graphic novel, manga or comic!