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Simple, Easy, Watercolor painting scene you can do at your own pace step by step in real time.


Hello my name is Kellie Chasse and welcome to my watercolor lupine watercolor painting class. I hope you enjoy the class and please remember you can ask questions or provide feedback in the discussio ...

I will go over the list of materials you need in order to complete this watercolor painting. Most of the items you can find online through your favorite retailers. Colors used in this course are:  U ...

This lesson goes over how to begin drawing your lupines to get ready for your painting.

Ready to start painting the sky? In this lesson I will show you how to get your watercolor sky painted.

The next step is to do your background. Remember you can ask me questions if you get stuck in the discussion panel.

Painting our watercolor trees is next.

This lesson focuses on how to paint the sand in our watercolor piece.

Ready to paint the grass? We will go over adding grass to your painting in this lesson.

We will be using Gouache to layer in the under painting of your Lupine flowers. If you do not have gouache, you may use any white watercolor paints (use little water and make it as thick as possible). ...

I will go over some tricks on how to make your watercolor flowers look great.

Time for our final touches that will make our watercolor painting complete. Please feel free to take a picture of your completed work in our discussion board for this one. I love seeing the final pi ...

Thank you for taking this course, it would mean the WORLD to me if you would consider leaving a 5 star review. 

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