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Go from a novice painter to a watercolourist with confidence with a litte guidance from Bev


Welcome to this watercolour course! Bev will be demonstrating step-by-step instructions from beginning to a final masterpiece of art. Our reference is of a Grandpa proudly showing his grandson his cor ...

Print off the PDF attached to this lecture. It will have 5 pages of Step by Step Instructions & a Supply List. Once you have all your supplies, we will start transferring the image in Lecture 3.

You will find a transfer sheet with the outline of this reference at the end of the instructional guide. Tape the computer sheet to a window so that the backside can be traced with a lead pencil. Once ...

Protect your whites by using masking fluid or frisket.Apply it to the hands, heads and shirts of both the grandpa and grandson.

Adding washes of colour onto wet paper, creates a light and soft background for the sky and the bottom half of the painting.

We are now starting to paint the background of grasses, corn fields and distant trees.

At this point take off all the masking fluid.  Look at the grandpa's and grandson's hands. We will be doing negative painting the background behind the hands.

The reference shows clearly the light of the sun and the shadow areas on both the Grandpa and Grandson. By painting all the shadows now, it will provide the underpainting for the suggestion of shadows ...

Now the fun begins; lets start painting clothes and flesh and paint over the shadows.

One of watercolourist last steps, is to paint the DARK colours to the painting. All of a sudden your masterpiece is alive! From light values, medium values and dark values which all create contrast i ...

We now have to anchor the grandpa and grandson's feet to the ground, by painting tall grasses and shadows.

Your painting is now ready to observe from a distance. Ask your self, do I need more darks? Is there parts of my painting that I can not see? If you are satisfied and happy, be proud of your Masterpie ...

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