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Exploring Psychic and Mediumistic abilities and how these skills can be included in your Wiccan practices and daily life


An introduction and overview of what this module offers. This module offers bit sized chunks of information that you can test out and explore before delving deeper.

The lectures are based on bite sized chunks of information taken from my standard Witchy Training. The first lecture covers the exploration of ‘what are psychic abilities and how are they used in Wi ...

This lecture is all about exploring the Clair’s, that is the psychic perceptions of seeing, hearing feeling and knowing. We all have strengths in some or all of these perceptions, and this module wi ...

The third lecture in this module looks at the idea of working energetically to send messages. We will explore how spirits transmit information and dive into Channeling as a way of transmitting energet ...

The fourth lecture will help you to break down how you interpret information by exploring your own personal learning channels. This module also includes some great fun basic exercises that you can do ...

The fifth lecture is all about our energy field, how it works, what it does for us, and how we can tune in and access these layers of energy at any time. It offers a wonderful deep dive into the seven ...

This section focuses on the power of guided meditation and includes 4 different forms of meditation for you to experience.

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