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Understand your spiritual awakening, cleanse your emotional shadows , connect with spirit and manifest your aspirations


We look at all aspects of the course and the exciting journey we will travel on together.

This video explains the many options you have to receive further support from this course, so you can develop with confidence.

We learn and understand the spiritual awakening process and the many challenges around it

This simple but powerful meditation will open you up to what this course is all about and will give you an early experience of amazing power from within.

We talk about the importance of your energy and the issues surrounding other peoples.

This mediation will look at how we can maintain and control energy.

Mindfulness is so powerful and I talk about the myths that surround meditation that i believe prevents people from learning this age old simple format, which can make such a difference to your life.

Mindfulness is such a powerful tool and we look at the simple breath meditation that made such a big difference to my life x

We look at the need to understand our emotions and how to own them and let them go

This meditation looks to work with repressed emotions and shadow elements that we have picked up over the years and we learn how to remove these deep rooted issues.

✅Learn Meditation & Mindfulness to find peace from within: In this lecture we take a look at the scientific findings of meditation and what the research and findings have discovered as to the immens ...

This meditation will allow you to have some much needed healing and relaxation, its great as a self help tool, but can also be used on others.

This is the chakra meditation where we look to understand the chakras and have a meditation, as a bonus I have also allowed my Chakra ebook to be downloaded. x

We take a look at the different forms of awareness and the mechanics of meditation and our connection with spirit.

Spiritualism is so much more than messages from spirit there is a complete tool box of amazing gifts we can use to help ourselves to help others. In this section we go through the relationship with sp ...

This meditation we work with spirit to go through a guided meditation and meet a loved one who has passed over x

Manifestation is a very powerful tool, but we have to ensure that we respect the cosmic laws and the laws of attraction.

This meditation will take you to the temple of unity and you can sit and manifest your goals and see them play out, with your manifestation guide x

We round up this wonderful course, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask .

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