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Certificate Given! Strengthen Your Clairvoyance & Psychic Gifts with Oracle Cards, Angel Readings & Spirit Guides


Discover what is in your Intermediate Level Psychic Course!

How this course can improve your psychic gifts and development

What you need to do to get the best value and learning experience from the psychic course

How to identify your oracle card skills now- in charting your progress and improvement to come

How to manage psychic readings: Including difficult and challenging commonly asked questions - avoiding fortune-telling and carnival style readings in favour of more powerful and accurate readings.

How to prompt your clients to ask the right question to get the best answers from spirit, their guides and angels.

More ways to ask questions for the best psychic readings.

Understanding the different psychic gifts and how to master them

Introduction to Intermediate Level Clairvoyance: What you need to know.

Powerful exercises to Strengthen your Clairvoyance so you can see psychic images, future impressions and flashes, see angels and spirit guides and interpret spiritual information in visual format.

Introducing Intermediate Level Clairaudience.

Powerful exercises to Strengthen your Clairaudience so you can hear psychic messages, and hear angels and spirit guides and interpret spiritual information in audible format.

Introduction to Intermediate Level Claircognizance

Powerful exercises to Strengthen your Claircognizance so you can know and interpret psychic information and intuitively 'know' what the guides and angels are trying to communicate.

Introduction to Intermediate Level Clairsentience

Powerful exercises to Strengthen your Clairsenient abilities so you can feel psychic images, future impressions and flashes, and feel the presence of angels and spirit guides and interpret spiritual i ...

More powerful Clairsentient exercises to strengthen and improve your clairsentience 

How to determine time in psychic readings: includes angel and spirit guide connection, tarot readings and oracle card readings.

How to master Divine Timing for your clients readings- and help your clients with their life journey.

Explore and master The MOST important key to being a successful psychic

More keys to Explore and master The MOST important techniques to being a successful psychic

Master the important keys to being a successful psychic

Master the key to success as a psychic

The 5th Key Ingredient to Psychic success as a long term career and for your personal journey using your intuitive abilities

How oracle cards can improve your intuition- particularly if you are struggling to connect with your guides and angels and don't see or hear or feel anything when you try to ask to hear and see y ...

Powerful rituals to bless your new Oracle card decks for more accuracy.

How to best use this section on Oracle cards to rapidly improve your card reading skills and readings.

How to give a real-life General reading : Beyond Beginner Level.

Real life samples of General Readings using Oracle cards : Beyond Beginner Level.

How to give a Love reading using Oracle cards: Beyond Beginner Level.

How to do a Love reading beyond beginner level for a single person using Oracle cards

How to do a Business reading : Beyond Beginner Level

How to do a Finance and Money reading using Oracle cards - Beyond Beginner Level.

Mastering the Trapped in Fear reading: Intermediate to Advanced Level Oracle card reading skills

How to pick a daily and weekly oracle card reading including giving psychic readings on Facebook

Prepare for your meditation to attract more clients to your psychic and healing business

Attract more clients to your psychic and healing business with this powerful spirit guide meditation

Key tips to overcoming your doubts and fears and trusting your psychic messages and readings

Powerful solutions to overcoming doubts and fears a psychic

More healing techniques and solutions to overcome your doubts and fears as a psychic and a healer

Master your doubts and fears as a psychic and a healer for good.

Prepare for your guided meditation to forge a powerful contract to be a psychic and a healer with your angels and guides

Forge a powerful contract with your guides and angels to be a professional psychic and healer

How to keep using this course for your psychic advancement

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