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Painting in watercolor? Easy when you do this course? Relax and play and gain the confidence to paint by having fun.


NOW WITH SUBTITLES ( look for the little square box at the bottom right hand corner of the video ) Make sure you read the helpful information you can find in the Student Support section on Udemy ...

Listen to what Nicola tells you about this course.

From drawing a simple shape of the apple, then go on to paint it and make it look real enough to pick up and bite into.

So you think you can't paint? Let me explain how you can and how you can lay the foundations for a rewarding pass time with one step at a time.

You only need a basic box of watercolour paints, a brush and some paper.  Where to get your supplies depends where you live. If you don't have an art supplies store near by, there are plenty of ...

Once a student said they were having a problem with getting enough water and colour from the dry paints. I have therefore included this short film just in case anyone else is problems.

This is the first of nine videos which take you from making your very first marks through to the colourful finish. Anyone can do it. Put aside any preconceived ideas about what 'art and painting ...

Now this becomes more fun as you start colouring in.

Just go with the flow and do what ever YOU want. This is just playing, no expectations, just make marks with your brushes and let the colours and the water do what ever THEY want to do. Don't ...

You decide what marks and shapes you want to make.  There are NO RULES, yes you read right NO RULES

Keep on playing, you'll know when it reaches the 'finished' stage. It only matters that you like it and enjoyed doing it.

Here are a few ideas for the marks you can make. Whatever pops into your head, just play.

By playing with your paints on your postcards, you have already been layering and mixing colours without thinking about. Now we are going to take it a step further and look at mixing different shades ...

This short video will show you how to get started on creating your first painting, of an apple. Starting as we did with the postcard, making the outlines.

This is all you have to do, take your time and follow me.

Here we will add more colour to the apple by adjusting the colour of the green and we will also cross hatch for the shadow.

I hope you are impressed with what you have achieved. From simply making marks, filling shapes with colours you have now completed your first painting of an object. Congratulations, and may it spur yo ...

I have added this lecture in response to a comment that it would be nice to see me do a painting without the heavy pen outline. So,I have done the apple again, like the other one, but also with a pai ...

'A' is for apple and you may think this is too simple, but you will learn a lot and it will give you a good grounding as you learn more. First draw the simple shape of an apple then: * Lea ...

From drawing a simple shape of the apple, then go on to paint it and make it look real enough to pick up and bite into,

A recap of what you have discovered.

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