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Practicing permaculture & homesteading for urbanites: farming chicks, building a chicken coop, collecting hen's eggs.


Why should you be interested in this course? Who is the right student? Music "Midsummer Sky" Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech-dot-com. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

More information to set the tone for the course, give the scope of the course and some of my background.

The early life of a chicken. Some of the developmental milestones and behaviors you can expect from chicks until they're "weaned".

Behaviors of "pre-teen" chicks. From weaning (around 8 weeks) to laying eggs (18 weeks).

Covered in this lecture: The egg-laying cycles of the pullet & hen. Broody behaviors. Setting nests from the hen's perspective. Growing old.

An overview of the significant benefits roosters bring to your flock to balance out the loud crowing. Also covers rooster behaviors.

Overview of this section. Honorable mentions: Should you buy or build a coop? Whether to keep birds "cooped up" or let them out.

What do you need when you first get your chickens? Do you need to have a coop before you hatch or get chicks? How many coops do you need? Different types of shelters for different purposes.

A run-down of different features that a coop needs, such as roosts, food, water, nest boxes, ventilation, security features, etc.

Henrietta, my cover image model and favorite 3 year old hen, basically ignores me while I use her as an anatomy model for our next lesson.

Many flockmasters swear by dangling shiny objects around the property to deter hawks. Apparently they also can deter other wild birds and critters. I take you through making your own -- it's a ...

Depending on the size of the buckets and the size of your chickens, these food-safe containers can be modified into inexpensive portable nest boxes that accommodate laying and even setting hens. Re ...

A general reminder of the choices you can make about how you deal with chickens, how you set up your flock, and so on -- so that you can minimize your chicken habit's impact on your lifestyle.

Here's a handy tool and a way to help you weigh different priorities when it comes to having chickens.  What's most important for you and your flock?  You'll end up with a list of y ...

This lecture is optional! Chickens are a livestock animal, and while we can treat them as pets and some are quite friendly, there's a certain responsibility I feel a need to explain re ...

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