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Different ages, different looks, different techniques: learn how to all the basics on various skin tones with some tips


Welcome to my class on Real Life Everyday Makeup, it's the first step in understanding and applying what you already love - makeup. We do it everyday and now is your chance to turn that love into ...

Getting the basics right. Learning how to foundation testing, how to apply powder correctly and smoothly. Where the eye shadow and blush is placed. How to hygienically apply mascara

It's all the rage at the moment, but if you don't get it perfect, it can be a disaster.

Not everyone is born with the supermodel eyelashes that most people want. But it doesn't mean that your client can't have them. Many things in makeup are open to interpretation but poking ar ...

The secret behind using orange colour corrector instead of concealer for those dark areas. 

The ongoing debate of which is better, powder or foundation. The answer? Neither. It comes down to your preference but more importantly it comes to down understanding what the differences between them ...

It creates drama in one quick sweep of a brush and can transform an entire look. Whether it enhances or ruins the overall product is all up to precision and accuracy. It's not as complicated as i ...

So many students have asked me, during the course, to list the names of some of the more popular professional brands that can be purchased around the world, here's a very short video with some of ...

This has been such fun to create for you, thank you for being part of it! If you have enjoyed this you can also look for the other courses I have created - Theory | Production | Bridal. Would love t ...

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