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Mindful practices for Spiritual connection and Soul activation - Holistic Therapy practices for whole health being.


Reading and listening to the copyright for this course is important, please ensure you do so.

We begin our journey to learning about the chakras.  Should you know about these note this is brief.

Worry is underpinned by anxiety which hides fear; fear stops and blocks our progress through life.  Fear, anxiety and worry can stop us from making positive changes, prevent us breaking destructive h ...

Side effects of anger, even short term anger episodes can lead to long term effects.  These effects include: headaches including migraine, digestive disorders, high blood pressure and cholesterol lev ...

The side effects of gratitude have been found to include: creating and strengthening relationships with self and others, improved sleep, physical and psychological health improvements, improved self-e ...

Japanese translation of Reiki principles, with a short recitation of these in Japanese.

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