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This is for Reiki practitioners, who want to refresh their Reiki Level 1 knowledge


Lina and Daniela welcome you to this Reiki Level 1 course. Get to know your teachers, and what you will learn in this Reiki Level 1 Refresher Course.

Learn about Reiki, and what you can do with it in your daily life.

Here we answer lots of questions that you might have about Reiki.

There are 4 Reiki Levels. In this course you will start with Reiki Level 1.

There are many stories about how Reiki was "rediscovered"  The Reiki healing method was not rediscovered by Usui Sensei after researching in Buddhist scriptures, as some people believe. Reiki is an i ...

The Reiki Principles are there to help you as a daily reminder to bring balance and peace into your life, and to maintain the positive energy of Reiki. 

Every living organism is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field, and we call this an Aura. This field vibrates at different frequencies and reflects our Body, Thoughts, Emotions, and Inner Bein ...

The aura does not only consist of different bodies, it is also connected to the chakras, which have the task of taking in energy from the outside, to supply the human energy system. 

There are seven main chakras. They are lined up along the spinal column in the middle of the body, and open to the front and back, as well as the top (crown chakra) and to the bottom (root chakra).  

An attunement is like an initiation. The master connects to the Reiki source, and uses Reiki Symbols to connect you to the source of Reiki. It means you are now able to channel Reiki to yourself and o ...

Let us answer this question in this lesson.

Attunements can feel different for each person. 

Learn how to prepare yourself for a self treatment.

It is important when doing spiritual work to be grounded. Grounding means to connect and become one with the Earth and your surroundings. 

A demonstration on a self Reiki healing session.

Here are some things that are good to know when practicing Reiki, like knowing if there is a blockage.

You can also balance your Chakras. Simply hold your hands over the Chakras, notice the difference of each Chakra, and wait until both of the Chakras feel in balance, or both hands feel the same. 

If you feel stressed, too many thoughts, or you just can't sleep then use this method.

I know, life keeps us busy, and you may not have time to give yourself a Reiki treatment every day. Don’t put yourself under stress, because this is not the purpose of Reiki. 

You can give Reiki to your food, water, or other drinks to charge them with positive energy. 

Learn about protection and spiritual room cleansing with Reiki.

Reiki music you can use if you like. A bell is added to tell you when to switch positions.

The second part of your e-book.

Here you will learn about full body Reiki sessions for a friend or client.

Learn how to feel the aura of your friend of client.

This lesson will show you chakra balancing for your clients, to calm their minds.

You can do the Chakra Balancing for yourself and for others as well. You can include a Chakra Balance in a Reiki Session, or you can do it separately as well. 

Learn about Reiki and treating pain.

Here are some more techniques you can use.

Please listen and read these important notes carefully.

There must be a balance between giving and taking, otherwise a Reiki healing session will not always have an effect. 

You already learned that you can give Reiki to your food and drinks. But you can also treat Animals, Plants, Flowers, seeds, and almost anything you can think of. These days, there are extra courses ...

Article about other ways of using Reiki

A short demonstration video with two practitioners. 

Here is a bonus method from Daniela. In this lesson you can learn to feel the chakras and if they are okay or have blockages. If you like you can include this method.

If you like to use Crystals, or Stones, then this article is for you.

You might need theses forms when you are working on clients

For Reiki Level 2 practitioner

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