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Reiki Home Study Course


Course Outline:Welcome to Reiki Level 2! I am so excited for you!  Below I have created an outline of assignments along with instructions that will need to be completed before completion of this cour ...

Chapter 1 is a full introduction to the 2nd degree to Reiki and how it works.

Students will learn about the 3 Pillars of Reiki- and how to properly do the Gassho Meditation

Hello and welcome back to Reiki Level 2 Lesson 12! I am so excited for you making it this far! Before we move into sections lectures, I would like to re-cap and test your knowledge from the previous 5 ...

Please read in your manual from chapter 14-17 and study the hand gestures and positions. You will need to send a video showing you practicing the hand symbols to the email address I included in the co ...

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