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Learn how to perform Reiki on yourself to improve your health, wellbeing & ability to deal with life's challenges.


A Course introduction for Reiki Level I for Children, Teenagers, Young Adults and Parents for Babies. 

Reiki Energy Healing is life-changing and on completion of this course you will be able to perform Self-Reiki Treatments and apply the benefits of Reiki to so many areas of your daily lives.

Information about the topics covered in each lesson of this Reiki Level I Course.

These video and the supporting documents below, help you more easily navigate through this course, Reiki Level I for Children, Young Adults and Parents.

Downloadable Manual for Reiki Level I for Children, Teenagers & Parents.

The 5 Reiki Principles remind us daily to not worry or be angry, to work honestly and be grateful and be kind to ourselves and others, so that be can relax and enjoy today. Throughout life we wil ...

A look into the origins of Reiki and what the word means. 

The 2nd Grand master of Reiki History, Dr Chujiro Hayashi.

A look into Madam Takata, who is credited with bringing Reiki from Japan to the West, in 1937.

This is the million dollar question and one I am asked often. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of self-improvement  that stimulates the immune system and our own ability to heal.

A lesson in further understanding Reiki Healing Energy, similar to radio waves, as we 'tune in' to the universal life force energy to perform Reiki.

A look into the seven main chakra points, often referred to as our 'wheels of spinning energy' and the basis of Reiki treatments.

It is not essential to have an in-depth knowledge of the biology of the body to perform Reiki but a basic overview is very useful. If you want to study this topic in more detail then I would recomm ...

Understanding the process of the attunement ceremony, how to prepare in advance of your distance appointment and what to expect afterwards.

How to schedule your Attunement Ceremony, so that you can get started practicing self-reiki sessions.

Discover how to perform Reiki on yourself to stimulate your immune system for healing, aid with relaxation and de-stressing. 

The benefits of Reiki for you, to encourage daily sessions, even if short treatments, so that it is easier to 'throw out' the stresses and fears life can create.

How we can ensure our connection with the Universal Life Force Energy is at it's strongest based on what we consume and how we look after ourselves.

Reiki can be applied to so much and here are a few examples.

The benefits of Reiki pre, post and during Pregnancy, for Mothers and Fathers.

Why we should learn Reiki to help heal our children.

The advantages of Reiki for Children in the early years of life .

A lesson in the many benefits of performing Reiki through the stages of life from adolescence to young adulthood.

A look into how Reiki can assist people and animals when they transition from this physical world.

Meditation is another life skill that greatly helps us to relax and cope with the stresses life challenges create.

Here we look at the correlation between emotions and disease, the effects our thoughts have on our world.

A downloadable copy of the Usui Ryoho Reiki Lineage for you to add your name & keep a copy.

A reminder of the essential things to be aware of daily so we can remove stress and worry from our daily lives.

Congratulations on completing the course and I wish you every success on your lifetime journey with Reiki.

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