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Become a certified Reiki Solas® Master Teacher and learn how to teach and attune students to Reiki Master Teacher level.


What it means to become a Reiki Master and the secret to creating lasting positive change in your life.

The minimum knowledge a Reiki Master should know at this level to get the most out your Reiki practise and your spiritual development.

What spiritual development really means and how Reiki assists you with this growth and transformation. 

Become aware of your shadow self and embrace the whole you.

What to expect on your eCourse, how to navigate your tutorials and how to improve your learning experience.

What to expect following your Reiki Solas attunement, what these experiences mean and how to improve your cleansing period for maximum efficiency.

How to properly self-treat and care for yourself following your Reiki Solas attunement.

A full detailed explanation of the attunement process, how it works, what you need to do and how to arrange your attunement.

The traditional Reiki Master symbol.

How to use the ancient Tibetan Antahkarana symbols for deep healing, meditation and energy work.

Discover the secret to successfully making The Law of Attraction work for you.

Advanced insight to expand the energy of your Heart and to improve your Reiki potential.

How to harmonize the energy flow between your seven main chakras.

An advanced non-invasive energy removal technique for healing deeply rooted blockages.

Detailed instructions on how to create and use a Reiki healing and manifestation grid.

Understanding, controlling and directing the energy flow around your body.

An advanced meditation for Reiki Masters only.

An advanced and very powerful energy empowerment technique for Reiki masters only.

Your free complementary Reiki symbol.

Your free complementary Reiki symbol.

Your free complementary Reiki symbol.

Five simple yet powerful techniques that open your chakras and energy field to supercharge your channelling ability. 

Advanced wisdom to help you discover your path in life.

Discover how your mind works and reveal the secret to self-mastery.

Get an insight into what to expect with Reiki Solas teacher Level.

What it means to achieve personal mastery.

The secrets to learning how to make life work for you rather than against you. 

The Reiki Solas Master Teacher symbol.

The Reiki Solas Master Teacher symbol.

An expert Reiki Solas technique for healing the past to purify the present.

How to use Reiki to develop and advance your psychic abilities.

An expert Reiki Solas technique to develop and advance your major chakras.

A simple technique to properly balance your mind, body and Yin and Yang. 

The first part of the technique necessary for passing a Reiki Solas attunements to others.

The additional technique necessary for passing a Reiki Solas attunements to others.

How to perform a deep and powerful healing attunement on your clients.

How to pass a Reiki Solas Level One attunement and give students the ability to perform Reiki.

How to pass a Reiki Solas Level Two attunement and advance your students ability to perform Reiki. 

How to pass a Reiki Solas Master attunement and advance your students ability to perform Reiki further. 

How to pass a Reiki Solas Teacher attunement that gives your students the ability to practise Reiki to heal themselves and others.

How to successfully perform an Reiki Solas distance attunement. 

Alternative techniques you can use to perform a distant attunement on yourself or others.

Your free complementary Reiki symbol.

Your free complementary Reiki symbol.

Your free complementary Reiki symbol.

Discover the art of detachment and achieve peace and calm within your mind and life.

Fancy a boost? Then give it a jiggle!

Discover what you ego is, how it's formed and how it influences your thoughts and behaviours.

23 practical ways you can begin to reduce your ego's dominance over you from today.

A simple mantra to help deconstruct your ego and open you more to The Source.

Advice on how to structure your own Reiki training classes.

Request your Reiki Solas level 3&4 certificate of completion.

Take your next step with your Reiki Solas training now!

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