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ACCREDITED CERTIFIED course: dating behaviour & relationship psychology. Learn control & narcissism, values & red flags


In this video, your instructor will give an additional explanation about the course you are taking. 

In this video your instructor will introduce herself and tell you about her background, why she is teaching at this school, and why she has chosen the career of teaching and coaching.

Oh, the world of dating! Isn’t it the time that is supposed to be exciting and interesting for everyone involved? Why 'dating' is such a complex phenomenon? Let's start our discussion ...

When it comes to understanding whether you are still 'dating' or you are in an actual relationship, there may be many different opinions. Some might say after 3-5 dates with the same person, ...

Before we go into this lecture, I want you to pause for a moment and see if you can answer this question: "Why are we all so different?"Our differences might be explained by various theories and perso ...

In this lecture we will continue our discussion on 'why we are so different', and particularly we will be looking at the personality theories that give us some answers. Can two people with d ...

So why do some people 'clash' with others? It seems that they just can’t get along and you cannot imagine them together. They are just so different. To explain this phenomenon, we'll ...

Do you think complete 'opposites' attract? Do you think there are more 'differences' in most couples when it comes to their personalities, viewpoints, attitudes, behaviours, and lo ...

In this video, we'll continue our previous topics on 'why we find certain people attractive'. Now we know that if they live in close proximity, share with us similar views and beliefs, ...

It seems that we all are looking for the same qualities in our partners. They have to be nice, kind, and caring, amongst other attractive qualities. They have to be supportive and share some of our in ...

So, what are you looking for when you go on dates?Who is your ideal partner? What is your type?There are many questions that we need to ask ourselves before we go on dates and fill up questionnaires f ...

Some people are 'for' online dating, whereas others are 'against' it. Do you think 'online dating' is worth it? Do you think it's suitable for your needs? Let' ...

How do we analyse our 'dating game'? How do we understand the behaviour of the person we started dating? Let's have a look at the overview of 'analysing dating behaviour' he ...

The traffic system of 'green', 'yellow', and 'red' can give us many clues about the dating venture we got involved in. Here we'll attempt to understand this system o ...

'Yellow flags' is a neutral color that can change either into 'green' or 'red'. The only thing we need to do here is to continue observing another person's behaviour ...

'Red Flags' is something that should stop you in your tracks. It's the behaviour that says 'it's too dangerous to keep going!' But in what way? And what kind of behaviou ...

During the last three lectures, we studied the color system of dating 'flags' (from 'green' to 'red'). Now we know what they mean, what they involve, and whether you shou ...

You go on a date and ... you are not sure what to ask! The questions that you ask should be those that will give you adequate information for your personal analysis and understanding of who is in fron ...

“We are programmed to prefer partners who are different enough from ourselves to keep the relationship fresh and exciting… but similar enough in core values to assure us that if the time comes, th ...

Why most relationships start great but at some point, we find that our partner has some bad habits that we find really annoying? What can we do about it? Let's discuss it here.

In this lecture we are continuing our discussion about bad habits in the relationship and whether you should continue dating the person that doesn’t change their ways.As we said earlier, bad habits ...

What you need to know is that it’s ok and 'normal' to establish healthy boundaries at the start (and during the course) of the relationship. It is not about 'trust issues' or ana ...

“Codependent relationships signify a degree of unhealthy clinginess, where one person doesn't have self-sufficiency or autonomy.. One or both parties depend on their loved ones for fulfillment. ...

Would you like to learn how to analyse their behavior at dating? Then let's proceed to our lecture!

In complex and confusing relationship patterns it can be really difficult to understand whether it's worth continuing with the relationship, or whether it would be better 'to leave for good& ...

In this lecture, your instructor would like to bid you farewell and thank you for all your participation!

Here you will access the instructions on how to obtain your certificates after you complete the course.

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