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Is Karma from Past Life issues giving you recurring relationship problems, financial worries or family issues?


Here's how I got into 'psychic stuff', my credentials and my years of experience - so that you can feel safe and confident in giving me this opportunity to teach you. 

How does reincarnation work and why does it happen?

Reincarnation is believed by many religions and millions of people. Who are they and what do they believe?

The Dalai Lama is probably our best example of reincarnation in action - but it may all come to an end soon. Find out why...

What is karma and what is it not? Learn about cause and effect and how you can improve your karma - starting today.

Soul Groups are a key factor in Reincarnation. Discover the huge learning potential that these groups offer.

How we learn intense lessons with others in our soul groups. The worksheet (in 'Resources') is to help you to recognise who is in your soul group right now.

Four of the most common types of soul mate. How to recognise them and what you gain (or lose) from relationships with them.

When people talk about 'soul mates', they really mean Twin Flames. Here are answers to the most common questions asked about these fascinating couples.

More answers to the most common questions about Twin Flames.

Getting ready for the Guided Meditations. What to expect and some common FAQs.

Psychic Protection is a cornerstone of spiritual work. Here's why I believe you need it and how to do it.

We open and close our chakras during the guided meditations. What are they? Where are they? Why are they important?

When to close and open your Chakras and why they're essential to good communication. All of the images from the Chakra lectures are in a pdf in 'Resources'.

What are Brain Waves? Why do you need a particular one during Meditation?

What is a karmic relationship? How to recognise if you're in one and what to do about it...

How you are connected to your partner in a karmic relationship and how to break those bonds.

A guided meditation to release negativity associated with a karmic relationship so that it can heal.

Looking at what you may have received from the Karmic Healing Guided Meditation.

An in-depth look at the most common karmic issues and what's been holding you back from tackling them.

A Guided Meditation to help you identify why you have a karmic issue and how to start getting to grips with it.

A brief introduction to the Past Lives Questionnaire - and the Questionnaire itself, in the Resources.

A short video about the Exercise. The Exercise Worksheet is in 'Resources'

Ten Tips on Preparing for your Past Life Regression Meditation

A guided meditation to help you uncover a past life and any help that it can offer you in your life right now.

Using the five senses to help analyse what you saw, heard or felt in your regression meditation.

A round-up of the course and what I hope you may have gained by doing it.

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