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Build resilience and remain strong and perform well at our jobs.



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Health & Wellness Udemy

The stiff knee after injury or surgery - how to manage it 24.99 €

Learn how to avoid the progression of reversible internal joint adhesions into a nightmare of irreversible scarring

Computer science Udemy

Fundamentals of SDR, Software Defined Radio -An Introduction 19.99 €

Gain knowledge in SDR domain with RAHSDR480 first course of SDR concentration of Rahsoft RF Engineering Certificate

Computer science Udemy

#1 Complete ASP.NET Core MVC Single-Page App[The Future] 84.99 €

Turn Any ASP.NET MVC Or ASP.NET Core App Into Single Page Application [WITHIN 2 MINUTES] with toufiqElahySPA.js Plugin

Computer science Udemy

SSIS Real World Scenarios & Projects : Tricks of the Trade 84.99 €

Learn Microsoft Business Intelligence SQL SSIS Tools & Package with ETL in Data Warehouse Step by Step via SSDT in MSBI

Music Udemy

Presonus Studio One - Music Production Course 34.99 €

Music Porduction and Arrangement in Studio One

Business Udemy

Beginner's Introduction to SQL and Databases FREE

Building your SQL foundation in a short amount of time!

Software Udemy

Word for Beginners 84.99 €

Learn the Basics of Word

Design Udemy

AutoCAD 2021:2022 interface Essential training 19.99 €

AutoCAD 2021: helping you to primary use of the program

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