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First Steps to Starting a Horse (Includes free bonus for a limited time)


A brief overview of the material covered in this course: Why round pen training is so necessary for every horse, the equipment you'll need, how long it'll take, how it's accomplished, ...

Horses believe that "whoever causes the other to move" is the boss. So, with that in mind, we begin our round pen training by controlling the speed at which our horse moves, when it can stop and stand ...

Sure, the round pen is where you can bring a young horse with zero training and begin to turn it into a horse you'll someday love to ride... but what if your youngster is so wild that you can� ...

If your horse continually stops or changes direction on you, here's what might be causing it - plus how to go about fixing it.This video uses the following sound from freesound:Mixed Whip Crack ...

If your horse continually cuts across the middle of the round pen - as opposed to circling the perimeter - here's what it means and what you should do.

If you find yourself going through the material in this course, yet your horse doesn't seem to be improving (read: his respect for you as leader isn't improving) here's why - and what ...

Some horses will run like their tails are on fire when first turned into the round pen - others will stand and resist your cue to move. Here's how to approach either situation.

It's a rare thing, but every great once in awhile we run across an old war horse that simply refuses to keep moving. Here's what has worked for me.

Horse training is often a matter of taking a step back for every two or three steps forward. Case in point: After repeatedly asking our horse to leave us and circle the round pen, they often begin ...

While some young horses are skittish and won't get near us, others do the opposite: They just won't leave our side. If this sounds like your horse, if it considers itself to be a 1200 poun ...

In this video, you will learn to teach your horse "inside and outside" turns. These will help solidify the control you have over your horse (on the ground), but also go a long way to teaching your hor ...

This video teaches you to teach your horse to politely move both its hips and shoulders away from you as you approach (something you'll need when you later teach it to lead) as well as to "come t ...

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