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- Styles, brands, flavors & more!


Welcome to Rum. Known to some, only heard of by others. In this course, we'll learn about more than you ever could imagine.

Did you know there's different classes of Rum based off what it's made from? No; it's not all the same. We'll explain here.

What's the differences between light, gold, dark and many other Rums? Here we learn about the different grades of Rum and flavor profiles.

Here's some additional examples of each Rum style with their flavors, & some brands to try!

Rum is made in many locations. Here's a little info about it.

The stipulations on Rum can be many. Here we learn Rum can be "Rum" in one place but only considered alcohol in another.

What's the difference between Martinique and the rest of the Caribbean's Rum? They are special. Here we learn why.

What is Cachaça? Just another type of Rum? Well, not exactly... Here we'll learn what it is and why its in a Rum course.

What are the differences between Rum, Rhum Agricole & Cachaça? Here we'll learn what they are.

What does Aguardiente have to do with Rum? It's related. Here we'll learn why.

Here we'll learn more about common flavors & aromas found in Rum.

Here we learn some techniques and actual recommendations to pair spirits in general, Rum & food. Also be sure to check out the cocktail guide for some great Rum cocktail recipes.

A guide for proper glassware selection for not just Rum; but different Wines, Spirits, Cocktails and Beer.

Learn about the unique aging methods that some Rum undergoes. Not just mixing and blending; new and old Rum. With this aging method, some Rum you are drinking today, can be a 20 years or older!

A general recommendation guide for different styles of Rum to try.

A quick list of recommendations for Light Rums to try.

A quick list of recommendations for Gold Rums to try.

A quick list of recommendations for Dark Rums to try.

A quick list of recommendations for Spiced Rums to try.

A quick list of recommendations for Favored Rums to try.

A general history of Rum, and some surprising facts which actually changed the world.

The icon of Rum, known the world over. Here's how they started.

Another Rum leader from Puerto Rico, which I was fortunate enough to have personally visited. Amazing people and amazing Rum.

A little history on the pioneers of Tiki culture that started in the U.S. so many years ago.

Technical information on the exact laws of the legal definitions of the U.S. & Europe for Rum.

Technical information on the exact laws and legal definitions of Martinique AOC Rhum.

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